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Roja Parfums always means luxury and superior quality, sophistication and elegance, as befits a noble brand from the UK. Elysium Parfum is a complex, rich in quality ingredients and masterfully blended fragrance that arouses the admiration of many fragrance lovers and, of course, mine.

Yes, it is rich, yet subtle and smooth with an addictive factor, also very fresh and airy. An explosion of tangy citrus in the opening (tart grapefruit rounded out by lemon, bergamot and lime) toned by layers of fruity (blackcurrant, green apple), floral (lavender, lily of the valley, jasmine) and woody accords (vetiver, cedarwood) with some spices like pink pepper and thyme. Elysium is also rich in undertones: amber and leather (labdanum, leather) that provide depth and texture without falling into heavy vibes. The scent doesn't evolve significantly, it stays in the same dry-woody aroma for the rest of the time. This is amazing how you can make such a fruity scent that isn't too sweet, because the balance of sweetness is just perfect in my opinion.

Verdict: A high class and versatile fragrance for any occasion and any season. Easy to wear, easy to love. There are so many notes in this composition (as in every fragrance by Roja), but there is a perfect harmony between them, like in an orchestra conducted by a master.

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