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Nakuna Helsinki


Nakuna Helsinki

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Jordi Fernández





Dominant note


Top notes

Cedar Rose

Heart notes

Patchouli Oud Sandalwood

Base notes

Vanilla Musk Amber

Fragrance description

After Avanto, Ralli is my second fragrance (out of 5 released so far) from Nakuna Helsinki - an interesting perfume brand from Finland. Ralli is a floral oriental fragrance with rose and woody notes playing the main roles. It is powerful, slightly oriental, a bit sweet and very intriguing. From the first sniff, it seems very "dense" and lush. I imagine a wooden box brought from Dakar, filled with the scent of the place and rose petals.

What I get most is an oriental representation of a rose thanks to the amber and woody notes (cedarwood is the most obvious, then sandalwood and oud). The pink label suggests that Ralli is a more feminine scent, but in my opinion, this is a perfectly unisex scent that even becomes slightly masculine in the drydown. There is also musk and vanilla in the base, which enhance the whole composition and makes it more round and complex.

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