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Nakuna Helsinki


Nakuna Helsinki

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Dominant note

Sea notes

Heart notes

Jasmine Rose tea Cut grass

Base notes

Musk Cedar

Fragrance description

Avanto is 1 of 5 fragrances launched by a fairly new perfume brand from Finland called Nakuna Helsinki.

Imagine the icy sea water somewhere in Scandinavia and you dive in naked (Nakuna means naked in Finnish). Avanto translated from Finnish means a "hole in the ice" and...and that's exactly what you can expect. You won't find any warmth here. It's a fresh aquatic scent with a marine, citrusy vibe.

It's clean, cold, slightly sweet and a little floral (rose tea, jasmine). There is also a bit of green grass that is distinctly noticeable. Cedarwood and musk in the base notes are very delicate and keep the whole composition in harmony.

I see Avanto as a good option to wear in the summer heat when you need to cool down and refresh.

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