Radical Rose

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Dominant note

Rose centifolia

Fragrance description

It is an early May morning in a small village in the south of France near Grasse. Practised hands are carefully picking the flowers of that rare species of flower queen, which is obviously a rose. This is what every morning in May looks like on the organic farm Rose Centifolia of Aurelien Guichard, one of the three founders and master perfumer of Matière Première. In the morning, the flowers start to bloom and you have to hurry, be careful and precise, because only then you can pick these fragile flowers and make perfume oil from them. It takes 1000 kilos of flowers to make 1.3 kg of Rose Centifolia absolute. Passion and dedication are uncountable.

I believe Radical Rose is a special perfume for Aurelien Guichard who created this masterpiece, also because he was involved in the creation process from planting the plant, through harvesting, to the bottle of perfume. He could tell us everything about 2-Phentylethanol, Geraniol, Citronellol sparkling in the Rose Centifolia but what I found there are emotions, depth and ... love. If you care about someone, do not give a flower other than roses, because they have always been where emotions are.

When I discovered Radical Rose last year, I knew immediately that I was dealing with something special. Then I started discovering some rose-centric scents from other brands and realized one thing...My desire became so strong that I showed some love... for myself

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