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In the symphony of life, 'Unbroken' from Equality Fragrances, plays the powerful, resonating chords of self-reflection and acceptance. It's a fragrance that doesn't merely adorn the skin, but embarks upon a dialogue with your spirit, invigorating you to voyage into the depths of your being.

At the onset, the scent unveils an aromatic confluence of thyme's freshness and pink pepper's heat. This dynamic duo stirs your senses and sparks a moment of self-revelation, awakening the strength within to face uncomfortable truths. The soothing balm of blue chamomile tempers this vibrant opening, adding a layer of tranquillity amidst the captivating dance of spice and herb.

As your journey into the scent’s heart unfolds, it reveals a melodious harmony of fragrances. The enchanting sweetness of figs intertwines with the ethereal smoke of Palo Santo, orchestrating an inner dialogue where suppressed emotions can surface, fears of imperfection can transform into empowering acceptance.

This fragrance finds its roots in the robust base of vetiver, grounding the scent, echoing the grounded realisation of your own unbroken strength. Sandalwood’s dry, woody undertones and Immortelle's soft whisper interlace with this verdant earthiness, fostering space for growth and introspection.

'Unbroken' doesn't just linger on the skin; it resonates within the soul. It's an olfactory exploration that encourages the breaking of self-doubt, fostering acceptance, and nurturing the unyielding spirit of resilience. It's an invitation to celebrate the music of life, with all its highs and lows, in perfect harmony.

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