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Empathy, the tender tether that unites souls, is a testament to our shared human experience. It is the quiet understanding that resonates within, allowing us to see, feel, and appreciate the world through another's eyes. The ability to empathize, to truly comprehend another's joys and sorrows, is as rare and precious as the finest perfume. It is a noble virtue, echoing through time, inviting us to inhabit a world that is not merely our own.

In the heart of this noble concept, Equality Fragrances created 'Dear Empathy.' A fragrance that stirs the senses, inviting us into a shared understanding, a shared sentiment. It begins with the crisp aroma of freshly cut grass, a smell that anchors us in a moment, connecting us to the earth and grounding our thoughts. Then comes geranium, its radiant aroma weaving an intricate tapestry with chamomile and lavender. These top notes usher in a sensation of peace and serenity, much like the soothing harmony one finds in the presence of understanding and acceptance.

As the scent develops, the uniquely striking smell of elemi breaks through, like a powerful chord resonating in a quiet room. This resinous note adds a sense of complexity and depth, mirroring the intricate dance of empathy in our lives. Enveloping this is the unmistakable essence of Bulgarian rose oil, adding a layer of opulence to the composition. Alongside the slightly fruity nuances of osmanthus, it creates an interplay that is both compelling and beautifully harmonious.

When it settles, 'Dear Empathy' finds its soul in the base notes. The dry warmth of Amyris wood, combined with the rich aroma of Indian Sandalwood, creates an earthy foundation. Add to this the majestic Cedarwood Atlas, its smell reminiscent of an aged, revered tome that holds the world's stories. Finally, the sweetness of labdanum brings everything together in a smooth, warm embrace, symbolizing the union of emotions in a shared empathetic experience.

In the same way that empathy brings us together in a real and human way, 'Dear Empathy' taps into the essence of what we all go through. This isn't just a fragrance that smells great, but also a gentle reminder of how good it feels to understand, show kindness, and connect with others.

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