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Floral gourmand

After describing I am Darkness, it was time to focus on Azman Perfumes' next fragrance, which premiered in January. Miguel Matos, the author of Killer Vavoom, likes unusual solutions and this time he surprises as well. Floral gourmand is a good term for this fragrance in my opinion.

This fragrance is a journey that we can divide pretty easily into three main phases. The beginning is a striking scent of dark chocolate, sweetened with plum and fresh elements of bergamot. It's a bit like chocolates filled with a sweet citrus filling, and it not only moves the nose, but also the stomach. Delicious! However, this is not a pure gourmand fragrance, because from the beginning the flowers are also felt and their role grows with time. The heart of this fragrance is the abundance of flowers with osmanthus in the leading role, iris, rose, jasmine. The exoticism of osmanthus combined with vanilla, musk, chocolate and sweetness gives a slightly creamy, powdery, coconut undertone.

At the end of this journey, oakmoss, some leather and resin notes come to the fore, which I think balance well the softness and creaminess of flowers, vanilla and musk.

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