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"I was born into darkness, but I am made of light."
- Christy Ann Martine

Azman Perfumes (in Arabic, Azman means hours or moments) is a Dubai-based Emirati luxury perfume brand founded by creative mind Husen Khan in 2016. After the success of the first perfume with the mysterious name Two minutes after The Kiss (released in 2021), three new fragrances of this brand were launched in January 2022: I am darkness by Nutt Wesshasartar, Killer Vavoom by Miguel Matos and Majnoon by Prin Lomros. I had the pleasure of getting to know them and will share my feelings, starting with I am darkness.

I am darkness is primarily an incense based fragrance. However, I can assure you that it is not the usual incense typically church like one, surrounded only by heavy notes. For me, it is a fragrance that I could describe as fruity-floral incense. It is a very rich and complex composition that greets us with incense spiced with black pepper, surrounded by fruity notes and citrus like bergamot and grapefruit with an admixture of fir. The opening is indeed fresh, but the freshness is by no means dominant. As this olfactory journey continues, we are treated to an abundance of florals with a subtle accent of oud. Here we have jasmine, frangipani and white champaca, which further emphasizes the exotic character of this fragrance.

Although the base note is still dominated by incense surrounded by amyris, oakmoss and labdanum, the fragrance does not lose its lightness and keeps the balance between the freshness of fruits and flowers and the resinous-smoky character of the other components.

A very interesting and creative fragrance, especially for incense lovers looking for something unusual in this category of fragrances.

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