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Parisian perfume brand Versatile, founded Coralie Fr├ębourg, was born before my eyes during the pandemic (that much I could see by following her on Instagram). Months of market research, work on the fragrances, visual identification and the whole concept were involved in launching a brand that wants to bring a touch of freshness to such a difficult and saturated market as the perfume industry.

Versatile is, as the name suggests, versatile, for me it is also courage and transparency (all the full compositions are available for inspection, not only unreadable for most INCI), and a great desire to break with the usual patterns. First of all, the format: each of the 6 unisex fragrances (created in collaboration with Flair Paris) comes in the form of a bottle with a capacity of only 15 ml in the form of a roll-on, with a high concentration of 30-38%. I do not know yet how efficient this solution is, since this is the first time I use it and you will have to wait for my conclusions ... I hope it will be a long time.

All fragrances are based on sweet almond oil and do not contain alcohol, UV filters (hence the dark bottle), BHA / BHT, colorants, etc. Versatile has no intention of misleading you with marketing slogans is vegan (in fact, most perfumes are vegan now!), about the 100% naturalness of its compositions (that's cutthroat), wants to maintain an optimal balance between the natural and the synthetic ingredients, you will not get flankers (Absolu, intense, etc.), no perfect models and celebrities in brand advertising, no luxurious prices (despite the high concentration of extracts, the prices are very affordable for a niche perfume). Versatile is a new brand without a long tradition or a moving stories, which serves as inspiration for each of the fragrances. Perfumes for the here and now, beautiful but not perfect (as the brand itself claims), though real, just like the people who will wear them, like you and me. Wherever and whenever you want.

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