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About the brand

Tauer is a niche fragrance brand founded in 2005 by Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer. The brand is known for creating unique, high-quality fragrances that are handmade in small batches using natural ingredients.

Andy Tauer, the brand's founder and perfumer, has a background in chemistry and works from his studio in Zurich, Switzerland. He creates each fragrance himself and is involved in every aspect of the production process, from sourcing ingredients to bottling the finished product.

Tauer Perfumes offers a range of fragrances for both men and women, with some of their most popular scents including:

L'Air du Desert Marocain: This fragrance is a spicy, woody scent inspired by the desert landscapes of Morocco.

Lonestar Memories: This fragrance is a leathery, smoky scent with notes of tobacco and whiskey.

Incense Extreme: This fragrance is a rich, smoky incense scent with notes of cedarwood and amber.

Vetiver Dance: This fragrance is a fresh, green scent with notes of vetiver and citrus.

Orange Star: This fragrance is a fruity, floral scent with notes of orange blossom and vanilla.

Tauer Perfumes has garnered a loyal following among perfume enthusiasts and is considered one of the top niche fragrance brands in the world.

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