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About the brand

Exploring the natural beauty of Oman yields fresh inspiration, which leads to the creation of unique fragrances that blend traditional authenticity with modern touches. The result is a collection of distinct scents that are proudly presented to the world as a representation of Oman's essence. This creative process is punctuated by discussions and encounters, ensuring that each fragrance is a true reflection of the country's culture and heritage.

Founded in 2012 by Muatasim Al Hinai, Muadh Al Sinawi, and Ahmed Al Esry, OMANLUXURY is an independent perfume house that began with the aim to artistically blend the authenticity of Oman's culture and heritage with modernity, resulting in a range of bespoke scents. Their quest to create an olfactory expression of Oman is achieved by using the finest ingredients that highlight every aspect of Oman's culture and heritage in an exquisite manner.

The brand draws upon Oman's rich aromatic heritage and cultural roots to create unique fragrances that reflect the country's DNA. By sourcing raw materials locally and collaborating with talented niche perfumers, the brand embodies the heart and soul of Oman, presenting it as a work of art.

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