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Olibere is not just a fragrance brand, it's a story of passion and emotion. Founded by Marjorie Olibere in 2014, the brand's scents are inspired by the world of cinema. Marjorie's two greatest passions in life are perfume and movies, and she has brilliantly combined the two to create a unique sensory experience. Olibere collaborated with 3 master perfumers: Bertrand Duchaudour, Amélie Bourgeois, and Luca Maffei to create their fragrance collections.

With each Olibere fragrance, you embark on a journey of the senses. From the opening notes to the lingering finish, you're transported to a different place and time. The scents are carefully crafted using the highest quality raw materials and are made in France, respecting the traditions of French Haute-Parfumerie.

But what truly sets Olibere apart is their commitment to sustainability. The brand is dedicated to creating exceptional fragrances without harming the environment or animals. Their perfumes are not tested on animals, and they have made the conscious decision to eliminate unnecessary plastic wrapping.

At Olibere, it's not just about creating fragrances, it's about creating an experience. A journey of the senses that combines the emotional power of cinema with the allure of high-end perfumery. It's a brand that truly embodies the art of sensory storytelling.

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