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Mugler is a French fashion and fragrance brand founded by designer Thierry Mugler in 1974. The brand is known for its innovative and futuristic designs, and its fragrances are no exception. Here are some key facts about Mugler perfumes:

Mugler's first fragrance was Angel, launched in 1992. Angel was an instant success and is still one of the brand's most popular fragrances today.

Mugler fragrances are known for their bold, powerful scents that often incorporate unusual and unexpected notes. Many of Mugler's fragrances are unisex or gender-neutral, and are designed to be worn by anyone.

In addition to Angel, some of Mugler's other popular fragrances include Alien, Aura, A*Men, and Womanity.

Mugler has also released a line of "Les Exceptions" fragrances, which are designed to be more luxurious and high-end than the brand's other scents.

Mugler fragrances are often packaged in distinctive and eye-catching bottles that reflect the brand's futuristic and innovative aesthetic.

Mugler's fragrances are available in a variety of forms, including eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and body products such as shower gel and lotion.

Mugler has also released several limited edition fragrances over the years, often in collaboration with artists and designers.

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