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Established in 2000, Miller Harris is a distinguished British perfume house that takes pride in a custom-made fragrance approach.

Miller Harris is devoted to utilizing exquisite natural ingredients, simultaneously challenging the traditional limits of creativity. The brand was founded by Lyn Harris, a pioneering perfumer who carved a niche for herself in the industry. Having received her training in France during the early part of her career, Lyn was among the first women to gain recognition as a master perfumer. The uniqueness of the fragrances is rooted in blending traditional perfume-making art with a touch of British refinement. There's always an infusion of joy and elegance in the narrative-driven fragrance development.

The central ethos of Miller Harris is to stretch creative horizons, injecting vibrancy and vitality into the ingredient mix. The approach is to prioritize natural ingredients, responsibly and sustainably procured, resorting to synthetics when it appears to be the more rational option. The entire fragrance line comprises Eau de Parfum. Narratives draw inspiration from ordinary locales but delve into the essence of the typical Miller Harris consumer. The goal is to infuse authenticity and integrity into the work. While some tales strive to convey truth, others narrate tales of happiness and whimsy. Yet, all stories aim to uncover beauty.

Distinctive, natural luxury items are designed with global appeal, right from the heart of London. This city fuels the passion for fragrances. In the 'Forage' collection, collaboration occurred with urban gatherers to uncover hidden fragrances, flavors, and treasures offered by London's green spaces. This enchantment was translated into the creation of LOST, WANDER, and DANCE.

Retail outlets are found in the Covent Garden neighborhood of London. Known for its innate charm and vibrant colors, this location serves as a platform to narrate the London perfumer tale to the world.

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