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Marie Jeanne is a niche perfume brand from south France (Grasse) founded by Georges Maubert that combines traditional French craftsmanship with modern, eco-conscious values.

The founder, Georges Maubert is the fifth generation family member of the Robertet family. Robertet is a world leader of natural perfume ingredients. Georges hails from Grasse and has been steeped in the art of perfume-making from a young age. He has a keen sense of the intricacies involved in handling flowers and crafting fragrances, which he honed through years of experience and close partnerships with leading perfumers around the world.

Each fragrance is created using high-quality natural ingredients, such as jasmine, orris, rose, lavender, and bergamot. The perfumes are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Grasse, using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations.

Marie Jeanne's packaging is simple yet elegant, with green glass bottles and minimalistic labels that showcase the natural beauty of the fragrances. The brand is committed to sustainability and uses recycled and eco-friendly materials whenever possible.

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