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About the brand

LORGA PARFUMS is a french luxury niche perfueme house created to enhance the most exquisite raw materials. The French Maison LORGA PARFUMS invites us to experience a fascinating olfactory symphony through exceptional fragrances.

The Les Nobles Nectars collection represents olfactory exceptionalism. A sensory journey towards a harmony of senses that combines passion, emotions, and nobility. Oud, Musk, Rose, Leather, Amber... The alchemy and combination of materials create the essence of the noble foundations of haute perfumery.

A story of family, a story of "passion-nez", a story of culture. This experience results from distant memories, travels, and encounters that inspire and drive the founders towards this beautiful olfactory adventure. Surrounded since their childhood by scents that blend nature, aromas, and incense, the sense of smell becomes an unlimited pleasure. The obsession with perfume grows stronger as they mature, leading to an absolute passion. Constantly seeking olfactory exceptionalism, the enthusiasm continues to grow to the point where spectators become actors and give way to LORGA PARFUMS. Born from a fraternal alliance resulting from a shared love for the art of scent. The fantasy becomes a reality.

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