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In Astra fragrances is an italian perfume house founded by two sisters Sofia Bardelli and Fabiola Bardelli in 2020. All the fragrances in this brand were crafted by the talented perfumer, Sofia Bardelli.

In Astra fragrances are the epitome of Italian artistic perfumery, paying homage to the grandeur of the cosmos and the celestial bodies that light up the nocturnal sky. The stars, enigmatic custodians of our deepest emotions, inspired the creation of In Astra.

The fleeting yet everlasting nature of these fragrances represents a flawless marriage between the transient and the enduring. Every perfume establishes a connection with the stars by taking you on a sensorial journey.

Like a symphony of scents, fleeting yet powerful chords coalesce and dissolve, each note transforming into a unique emotive experience. Meanwhile, the stars continue their cosmic dance, evolving and eventually exploding into a luminous rebirth from their very own cosmic ashes. This cyclical journey of life and death, of creation and destruction, is forever eternal, an endless cycle of rebirth and renewal.

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