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What would happen if you dropped everything and went... go to the Himalayas? Thanks to the hima jomo brand, founded in 2020 by a group of friends in Paris, you can experience the nature, climate and culture of the Himalayas up close without leaving home.

The word Hima, of course, stands for the Himalayas, and jomo means "holy mother" in Tibetan and is also an acronym for "Joy Of Missing Out". In short, it is a form of conscious self-determination to openly say "no" or "yes" without worrying about feeling left out or fearing missing out. This is especially true for social media activities. JOMO is actually the opposite of the acronym FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). JOMO is the pleasure that comes from missing what we seem to be missing by focusing on what is most important to us at the moment.

Four fragrances (four seasons) of the first Hima Jomo collection were created by Delphine Thierry, who took up the challenge of interpreting the magnificence of the wild nature of the Himalayas, conveying the climate and mystery of these still unspoiled lands, their ruggedness, their richness, their diversity, taking into account the cultural aspect of this region. For this purpose, many precious natural ingredients from the Himalayas have been used in the form of high quality resins, essential oils, concretes and absolutes.

The Himalayas, beautiful and majestic mountains, hold within them incredible secrets. These powerful peaks, which have risen over Asia for centuries, awe with their beauty and pristine landscapes. Deep within them lies unique geological formations such as lakes with remarkable colors and waterfalls that roar with power and majesty. It is also home to many species of animals and plants that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Within them lies an incredible power that amazes and entices one to discover its secrets. These mountains cannot be described in words, they must be felt, experienced for their strength and power.

How to showcase natural power?

This array of diversity and natural wealth inspired the creation of hima jomo perfumes, which are handmade in Grasse, France. Organic ingredients, obtained in a sustainable manner, are supplied by Maison Robertet, and many ingredients of natural origin and botanical species found in the Himalayas are among them.

Discover the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas, where nature reigns supreme and the rugged landscape is dotted with snow-capped peaks and wild forests. With a diverse climate ranging from subtropical to arctic, this region is home to an abundance of rare wildlife and flora. Embark on a journey to witness the majesty of the world's highest mountain range and be awed by its raw, untamed wilderness.


The vertical orientation of the texts placed on the hima jomo bottles is inspired by sacred texts - mantras. The black cap symbolizes the black clay, commonly used in the Himalayas, and is adorned with the initials "h" and "j" engraved on top, which represent the peak and root coming from heaven and earth as the power of nature.


The Hima Jomo company donates 1 euro from each sold bottle to the WWF, which works to preserve the natural environment of the Himalayas.

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