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About the brand

FO'AH is a brand that blends the perfume cultures of two diverse regions, France and the Middle East. The brand celebrates the rich history and modern innovations of French perfumery while also drawing inspiration from the mysterious and alluring scents of the Middle East.

At the heart of FO'AH lies the story of Émilie Dewell and His Excellency Abdulla Al-Masaood. Émilie grew up in Grasse, surrounded by the fragrant flowers that have made the region famous for perfume. His Excellency Abdulla Al-Masaood comes from one of the oldest families in Abu Dhabi. Despite their different origins and stories, they shared a deep passion for fragrances and a dream to explore new olfactory dialogues.

Together, they founded FO'AH, a Maison de Parfums that expresses a vision of perfumery open to the world and curious about all influences. FO'AH's creations are inspired by the scents of both France and the Middle East, and they strive to bring to life fragrances that have never been explored before.

"Mémoires d’une Palmeraie" collection features a distinctive Palm Tree accord that serves as the hallmark of the brand. This accord is incorporated in every fragrance, acting as a guiding principle for a sensory journey that combines the emotions of various ancient cultures with the contemporary elegance of our compositions. Prepare to be transported on a multi-sensory adventure that will leave you mesmerized and enchanted by the exotic and timeless aromas of FO'AH fragrances.


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