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About the brand

Essential Parfums is a French niche fragrance and cosmetics brand founded by Geraldine Archambault in 2018.

The brand was established with the aim of sharing a genuine passion for the art of fragrance. Accordingly, the primary focus has always been on the scent itself, rather than the ancillary elements that often obscure the true essence of perfumery, such as extravagant packaging, advertising expenditures, and licensing fees.

The founding of Essential Parfums was driven by a rebellious ethos, with the goal of bringing back the true essence of haute perfumery. A simple philosophy was adopted, whereby perfumers were given complete creative freedom, without any restrictions or limitations.

The brand partners with senior and master perfumers worldwide (Quentin Bisch, Nathalie Lorson, Olivier Pescheux, Natalie Gracia-Cetto, Sophie Labbe, Antoine Maisondieu, Calice Becker, Bruno Jovanovic), with careful consideration given to sourcing the finest sustainable ingredients, which are then transformed into luxurious, one-of-a-kind fragrances. As a result, it becomes possible to purchase these unique scents at an affordable price, all while being presented in eco-friendly packaging.

The environmental impact of their perfumes is always carefully considered, and sustainability is given priority in every aspect of their production process, from start to finish.

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