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About the brand

Anselm Skogstad established DER DUFT in 2020, introducing an exclusive group of perfumers from various regions of the world. The brand showcases a diverse range of fragrances with unique characteristics. DER DUFT aims to gather individual talents and styles of each perfumer, which are embodied in their perfume creations.

Each DER DUFT fragrance narrates a distinct tale and reflects personal associations. The names of the perfumes illustrate memories, dreams, experiences, and desires. The selection process of DER DUFT perfumers is not based on predetermined criteria. Rather, the collaboration is initiated through shared curiosity and mutual respect. The perfume is then featured in the DER DUFT collection after the creative process is completed.

As a result, DER DUFT produces a collection of ageless fragrances that are contemporarily blended and evoke strong emotions.

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