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Christelle Jaquemin is an artist who has mastered the art of creating multi-sensory experiences through photography and perfumery. After spending almost twenty years in Spain, she returned to France in 2019 to start her own perfume brand.

Jaquemin's passion for photography and perfumery is evident in her artisanal creations. Her photographs serve as visual testimonies to her real and imagined travels, while her perfumes capture the essence of the places she has visited.

The foundation of Jaquemin's artistic practice is to give meaning to her life and to dream. She seeks to understand the world around her and her place in it, which drives her curiosity and inspires her creations. Her quest for answers to existential questions serves as the basis for her inspiration, which she translates into images and scents that take the viewer and the wearer on a journey.

Jaquemin's unique approach to art is to make the senses of sight and smell work together to create a cohesive sensory experience. She is fascinated by the way images and scents interact with each other and express the world around her when words are not enough.

Christelle Jaquemin's perfumes are a testament to her artistic vision and passion for creating multi-sensory experiences. Her brand is a reflection of her unique perspective and her desire to share her vision with others through her creations. Through her collaborations with other artists, she continues to push the boundaries of traditional art forms and create new experiences for her audience.

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