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About the brand

Bon Parfumeur is a French fragrance brand founded in 2017 by Ludovic Bonneton. The brand's philosophy is based on the idea of creating a perfume wardrobe, where customers can mix and match different scents to create their own personalized fragrance.

Bon Parfumeur offers a range of high-quality fragrances that are designed to be mixed and matched, with each scent featuring a three-digit number that indicates the main olfactory note. For example, 001 features the note of bergamot, 101 features the note of rose, and 301 features the note of amber.

The brand's fragrances are created by a team of perfumers who use a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients to achieve unique and complex scents. Bon Parfumeur also uses eco-friendly and sustainable practices in their production process.

In addition to fragrances, Bon Parfumeur also offers a range of scented candles and body care products. The brand has become popular among fragrance enthusiasts for its affordable price point and unique approach to perfume.

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