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About the brand

The BOHOBOCO • PERFUME brand came to life as the realization of a childhood dream harbored by the Creative Director, Michał Gilbert Lach. For him, the process of crafting fragrances was not only creatively fulfilling but also represented a professional goal.

It all started with composition No. 1, which debuted in 2012 and garnered a lot of admiration, encouraging Lach to create more unique scents. The BOHOBOCO • PERFUME collection was unveiled in 2016, featuring a sensual fragrance, VANILLA • BLACK PEPPER, among others. These niche perfumes are unisex and designed to evoke internal transformation, experience, and rebirth.

They are ideal for both genders and represent freedom and tolerance. The soul of each perfume lies in its ability to evoke inspiration, emotion, stories, and moments. The bottles themselves are like magical creatures that pass on their essence when the wearer applies the scent.

The person who wears a particular perfume interprets it in their own unique way, creating an amazing invisible energy that affects not only the senses but also the soul, giving rise to new and addictive feelings.

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