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Dubai-based Azman Perfumes is a luxurious Emirati brand that was founded in 2021 by Husen Baba. The company aims to provide customers with curated and unique olfactory experiences. The name "Azman" is derived from the Arabic words for Hours or Moments and represents the brand's approach to creating Oud-based perfumes that are led by modern, whimsical emotions.

Azman uses only the finest ingredients from around the world, with a particular emphasis on rare and almost-forgotten elements of the highest quality. The brand is always mindful of the wearability of its fragrances, resulting in a renewed enthusiasm for Oud perfumery. With the help of award-winning perfumers, Azman creates timeless, meaningful, and eternal scents that embody the brand's unique vision.

Husen Baba, the founder of Azman, grew up in Mumbai with an Indian mother of Afghan and Portuguese descent and an Indian father from a remote village near Goa. After experiencing success in advertising in Dubai, Husen developed a passion for luxury, art, fashion, culture, and travel. His extensive travels around the world helped him to form a deep affinity with perfume, which eventually led to him becoming the Artistic Director of Azman.

Husen is committed to creating new-age scents that will enchant, disarm, and convert even those who are new to the world of fragrance. He has poured himself into the science of perfume-making and sought inspiration from industry game-changers like Roja Dove, Ben Gorham, Victor Wong, and Meo Fusciuni. Husen's dedication to his craft led to a chance dinner with Frederick Malle, which led him to deepen his knowledge and immerse himself in the art of perfume-making in Grasse, France.

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