Meeting with Thibaud Crivelli

Meeting with Thibaud Crivelli

On March 8th, I had the extraordinary opportunity to attend a meeting with Thibaud Crivelli, founder of the Maison Crivelli brand, which took place in the beautiful interiors of Galilu in the Elektrowni Powiśle building in Warsaw. This event was not only a pleasant surprise, but also an incredible source of knowledge and inspiration for perfume enthusiasts.

The main theme of this meeting was the premiere of the latest fragrance from this French brand, Neroli Nasimba. It is an interesting and surprising scent, in which the titular neroli is combined with leather, which in turn is supported by the Saffiano molecule. The result of this unique combination is a play of contrasts between the luminous neroli and the depth of the leathery-resinous accords.

Thibaud Crivelli, in a very engaging way, spoke about himself and each of the scents in his collection. He mentioned, among others, such great fragrances as the incredibly beautiful iris Iris Malikhân, the fresh and green Papyrus Moleculaire (one of Thibaud's favorites), and the stunning Hibiscus Mahajád. His stories were full of anecdotes, passion, and a unique approach to creating perfumes.

Maison Crivelli

The atmosphere of the meeting was warm and cordial, and participants had the opportunity to ask questions to Thibaud and test the scents on their own skin. This event attracted bloggers, journalists, and perfume enthusiasts alike. Thanks to this, participants could share their impressions and experiences related to this extraordinary portfolio of Maison Crivelli scents.

During the meeting, Thibaud Crivelli also demonstrated his skills related to creating perfumes, conducting a workshop where participants had the opportunity to experience various fragrance ingredients, which are an integral part of the brand's perfumes. This event was undoubtedly a fascinating experience that allowed understanding and appreciating the art of creating extraordinary scent compositions.

The meeting with Thibaud Crivelli and the premiere of Neroli Nasimba are unforgettable events that will remain in the memory of participants for a long time. This extraordinary journey into the world of Maison Crivelli perfumes allowed us to appreciate even more the talent of the brand's founder, as well as marvel at his original approach to the art of creating perfumes. Thibaud Crivelli is a person who combines passion, knowledge, and skills, which makes his brand stand out from the competition.

Maison Crivelli

In summary, the meeting with Thibaud Crivelli in Galilu in Elektrowni Powiśle was not only inspiring but also very educational. This event provided participants with the opportunity to learn the secrets of creating perfumes and to understand the philosophy that guides the founder of the Maison Crivelli brand.

Neroli Nasimba, the latest proposal from the brand, will undoubtedly gain recognition among both perfume connoisseurs and those looking for unique and surprising scents. It is worth paying attention to the entire range of Maison Crivelli perfumes, which will undoubtedly delight with their diversity and extraordinary compositions.

I hope that the report from this unique meeting with Thibaud Crivelli allowed you to feel the atmosphere of this event and encouraged you to get to know the Maison Crivelli brand and its exceptional scents more closely.

March 9, 2023   |   Events

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